Printing Options

When it comes to printing at CWC we have two options to choose from; ‘Standard' and ‘Premium' printing. What's the difference I hear you ask? Standard print - This is a more cost effective option for those of you who may be on a tighter budget. If this is you, then standard print is the way to go! Our standard option is ink printed onto a heavy paper stock. You can print in any colour you wish, however the back of the item will always be white and the paper texture is not as high quality as our ‘premium print’ option below.

Premium print - This is our recommended option!
Your stationery will be sent to our print house. This is where it is printed on some of the most beautiful paper you will get your hands on! There are some limitations when it comes to the colour options for your ink, however both sides of the paper you choose will be the same colour. Although this is the more expensive option, if you have the budget to allow for it, I promise you it is worth it.